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IT Workers Are Happy, but Willing to Move On


By Dennis McCafferty on 2012-05-16

Technology workers are happy and engaged in their work, according to a recent study on IT staff engagement from Randstad Technologies and its subsidiary Technisource. As the economy begins to show signs of improvement, IT pros now give overwhelmingly high marks when it comes to personal pride in their work, job satisfaction, on-the-job inspiration and their company’s leadership. Yet, if things continue looking up, many say they’d be willing to seek better opportunities elsewhere. “Employers should be careful not to confuse engagement with worker retention,” says Bob Dickey, executive vice president of technologies, Randstad’s U.S.-based operations. “Although satisfied, IT workers are more apt to consider leaving their current jobs than employees in any other industry sector. This speaks volumes on the need for employers to truly understand what motivates this talent, and how to carefully balance the desire to scale back on various workplace incentives with the need to have a workforce that wants your business to succeed just as much as you do.” Nearly 320 IT employees took part in the research.

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