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Todd Oldfield, Veteran Recruiter   arrow


All About Todd

I am the guy that puts 150% into people hoping that I get 110% of them in return. I don’t want to work with the world in business, just people that are like-minded. I am intense and I like working with other intense people.

Nothing in life comes without effort, although there are a lot of people out there not willing to acknowledge that sadly. I thrive on competition. Out work me. I dare you.

Personally Speaking

  • I love God. I think Him for the Grace provided by his Son, Christ. ( I need a LOTTTTTT of Grace). If you would like to learn about my church and our Medical Mission, go HERE!
  • I love my family. All my children as special to me each in their own way.
  • I love business. My professional career has included;
    • 6+ years in financial services; as a stock broker and an insurance agent.
    • 20+ years as an executive recruiter
  • I believe in Zig Ziglar (met him twice, had breakfast with him once) and his teachings about helping others. Zig says “If you help enough people get the things they want in life, YOU will get the things you want.” Were there ever finer words spoken?
  • I love golf. I just took it up recently, 35 years ago. I am still a novice. LOL

My Lifelong Professional Career

  • I find the lost. I am a recruiter by trade. I have worked in several industries over the past 22 years; including the financial services, information technology, and healthcare. I love helping people find careers. One of my greatest joys is to take an employee I placed to lunch on their first day of work; just to see that look in their eye… the hope, the enthusiasm. It’s the greatest feeling.
  • I have traveled abroad to the Philippines twenty-two times in my work. Over those four years I had the opportunity to work with some of the best people I have ever known.
  • I have worked on some very interesting projects over the years; including,
    • the complete staffing of a startup in 1998-1999. We placed more than 1/2 of their 87 employees.
    • the support of a technology incubator in 1999. Supported them cumulatively, as well, as six of their portfolio companies, individually.
    • a Medicaid ramp up program in 2006, were we placed a number of RNs in field positions. They literally hire 100% of the people we sent them.
    • a medical device national hiring program in 2006. Sourced and interviewed almost 1,200 RNs in numerous states to present no more than 20, to fill 10 positions.
    • the growing of a staff of Neuro-RNs for a new neurology tower in 2007.
    • the development and support of numerous hospitals technology departments as they prepared for “meaningful use” accreditation since 2010. There were highly skilled and sought after consultants on a national level.

My Philosophies on Business

  • There are people that throw a bunch of stuff at a wall and pray something sticks and there are people out there that are a lot more methodical about their approach to business; working closely with the people around them, holding their hands, teaching, leading, developing them, and helping them achieve more than they would on their own. (I try always to be THAT guy.)
  • I believe in keeping it as simple as I can.
  • I believe that when you quit, THEY win.
  • To view a list of my past successes, go HERE!
  • To view a list of professional references, go HERE!

To Engage Me In Recruiting Matters

I seek to expand my client base; here locally, as well as nationally. Since 2001 I have worked on a national level, placing sales and marketing professionals, clinical specialists, programmers, developers, writers, and general laborers.

  • To view a list of my past successes, go HERE!
  • To view a more comprehensive list of the kinds of people I have placed, go HERE!

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