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Resume Writing Tips – #8: Get a Pre-Paid Cell of Course.

Part of an ongoing series of  resume writing tips to be presented over the next 100 days.

by Todd Oldfield, 22 Year Recruiting Veteran, 

I have a special resume writing tip for you today. I giggle when I think about it.

This is such a simple idea and yet, no one ever seems to think about it. And, it’s sooooo “common sense-ish”. Here it is. Go out to a grocery store, gas station, Walmart and purchase yourself one of those cheap pre-paid telephones and load it up it with 100 minutes or $20-$50. 

This will be such a Godsend, ESPECIALLY if you intend to post your resume on a MonsterCareer BuilderHot Jobs type of site where you have no privacy. Would you rather have 10-100 calls over the coming weeks or months on your permanent telephone number or a “disposable”?

Take that temporary number and use it on your resume, job applications, and to arrange all interviews and follow-up. Do not use your every day number. Use the pre-paid.

Here is why; a lot of job-seekers who use their real numbers find that after registering on a “job posting” site, they are inundated with 20-40-60-100+ calls (especially if they are in a hot industry. Can you imagine if you were a critical care ICU nurse for instance?)

Imagine getting off work and finding that you have 10-15 messages in your voice mail (every day) that all begin “Hi. My name is Fred and I have a position in Detroit, Michigan I want to speak to you about.” or “Hi. Sally Jones here. I am recruiting for a company in Omaha, Nebraska. Can you call me please.” They all sound alike, don’t they? After a while you just begin hitting delete, delete, delete. It’s very frustrating (especially to recruiters. I might make 100 calls a day for weeks, only to have less than 2% of those calls returned).

But, if you have a pre-paid telephone with minutes… they can load up your voice mail all they want, and you can return the calls in your leisure, without having any impact on your real world phone and life.

PLUS, when it rings you will recognize the ring as being from your pre-paid, and that that call is about a job maybe. Where convenient you can grab the call and save yourself from one more voice mail this evening?

Get it?

Plus, when you have accepted a job, just let the minutes run out, expire, and you are done, and those pesky recruiters can’t spend the next three months pestering you.

Just remember to use that number for all matters regarding your job search.

HERE IS A NICE LIST. This site gives you the ability to do a comparison of features and costs of about 28 pre-paid cell phones. Go to   www. .

I would not expect that the cost of the pre-paid cell is any more than $50-$100 and then the minutes might cost you $25-$50. Most of the phones come with a certain number of minutes pre-loaded.

As always, if you have ideas, comments, experiences you would like to share, please do so below.

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