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Founder, Senior Account Manager/Talent Advisor,, LLC
John Cloer
John Cloer, Retired

Todd is a seasoned veteran in the talent acquisition business. He is passionate about providing career assistance to job-seekers, and locating talent for clients. He is anxious to “go the extra mile” to ensure there is a perfect fit between candidates submitted for a position and the requirements of the position. When you engage his services you will find that he does all…more

October 24, 2012, John reported to Todd at, LLC

Donna Mason
Donna Mason

Account Manager/Client Relations at ACT

Todd Oldfield is a true go getter. He puts his heart and soul into whatever he is working on and encourages others along the way. I can always rely on Todd to be first in line to help me when I needed attention and then helped me put that knowledge in to use. Todd makes everyone feel comfortable and motivates them to move out of their comfort level and stretch to grow more.

June 16, 2011, Donna worked directly with Todd at, LLC

Rene Remington
Rene Remington, The Sacred Journey

You will find Todd to be extremely focused with an ability to share ideas and convey information in a concise manner. He sees the big picture. He is strong in his ethics He lead others easily, is a great presenter and isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves. I must say he also knows when to step back or step away. 

I consider him one who can handle large as well as small…more

June 13, 2011, Rene worked directly with Todd at, LLC

Keith Ingram
Keith Ingram, Founder & Leader at A Vita d’Oro | TeamGold

Character, Integrity, Perseverence and Comradarie are personal traits for which we all strive. Todd is a person with such traits. Todd’s word is his bond! He mentors those with whom he associates, and helps everyone grow to their best potential. Todd is a person upon which you can rely. I am honored to be his friend as well as a colleague and business associate.

June 10, 2011, Keith worked directly with Todd at, LLC

Jim Howell
Jim Howell. VP Marketing- LifeSaver App

Todd is extremely hard working with great passion for the products/services that are of interest to him. Todd produces outstanding results on any undertaking. I only wish that I could find others with Todds attributes

June 10, 2011, Jim was Todd’s client

Managing Partner, SearchPath International

Chris Hammerlund
Chris Hammerlund, President of Assured Healthcare Staffing

It was a very good experience working with Todd as a recruiter with SearchPath. I found that he is extremely detailed and knowledgeable. He is timely and has a great relationship with his candidates. Todd knows how to make things happen, when to push and when to step back, and has an energetic personality. I would recommend Todd as an honest person with integrity and he is…more

February 19, 2010, Chris was Todd’s client

Managing Partner,

Ron Marston
Ron Marston, Chairman & CEO at HCCA Management Company

I have found Todd to be a creative and passionate business person who enjoys and is passionate about recruitment and personnel. He is personable and outgoing and has a depth of experience. 

I have found him to be honest and candid. 

Warm regards, 


June 13, 2011, Ron was with another company when working with Todd at

Craig Miller
Craig Miller, Vice President IM at Hammond Communications Group

Todd and I have worked together on several ambitious projects; ones which Todd provided both foresight and creative direction. In part, Todd brings value to new initiatives because he has the capability to provide vision as well as implementation.

February 19, 2010, Craig was with another company when working with Todd at