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We All Have a Purpose. You, Too.


by Todd Oldfield, Veteran Recruiter, Writer on All Subjects; Business & Spiritual,


Last night was a long, wonderful night. I spent it with my lady. We talked soooooo much; about soooooo much. Every topic imaginable. It is like that with us. We never shut up. That’s one of the best parts of the relationship, I think. Conversationally speaking, she is a challenge. She has as much to say as I do. We both spend our time trying to jockey for pole position to get our thoughts, comments, ideas out. Someone listening in on us from close by would probably think we sound like a whole gaggle of geese when we get going.

I love her dearly. 


As the night was winding down, the topic of conversation turned to God, spiritualism, and faith. It was not the first time. We talk of God often. Never in a forced way, but the subject does frequently turn up.

I love talking God.

I proudly and confidently proclaimed to her, “I have God figured out.” Now, I know what big a statement that is. I am not stupid. God does not want us to have Him all figured out, for sure. I know that. And, I clearly do not possess any scholarly wisdom; I know of little theological text, and can barely quote the Bible. That is the great thing about God. There is not really any physical proof of His existence and there is no physical proof He does not exist. It’s all about faith.

Faith is about, just that, faith. Either we have it or we do not. For me, I have faith… and I have God all figured out. God has a purpose for us all. There really is no evidence that he has any one single purpose for you or for me, either. But, I believe he does. It’s not like He gave us a “to-do” list of things we are to accomplish while we are here. But, He does have a purpose for each of us.


The closest thing we have to a “to-do” list is the 10 Commandments, I guess. He told us to “love one another”; to “worship Him” as our God; to “tithe”, to “honor our parents”, and the other commandments we wrestle with every day. But, ok. Got that part. But these commandments were written to us all. Right? These are the things that we ALL are to do. These are our rules for how we live life.

But is there a purpose to our individual lives? What about me specifically, or you, specifically? Do you and I have some specific assignments; some personal “to-do” list? 

Are we to build and ark or sacrifice our first born? Are we to give away our belongings and take off on a pilgrimage? What? What’s our individual, personal purpose. Why are we here? Me. You. Why are we here?

Here is what I believe. First, before you can fulfill God’s purpose for you. Before I can. Before any of us can, we have to have FAITH. We have to believe in our hearts that God loves us and that he has a job for each of us. We have to have FAITH! 

I have faith. I think it’s easy for me to have faith though, like I said, because I have God figured out.

While I believe that He created each one of us for a purpose, most of us do not know what our purpose is. We may never know. Now, of course for some people, their purpose is soooooo clear that it is easy for them to see exactly what it is. It’s easy for the people around them to see it, to experience it, to feel it. People like Joel Olsteen or Billy Graham or Jon Wees (my senior minister at my church) or Amy Grant or Nick Vujicic (www.lifewithoutlimbs.comthe man that really, as much as anyone, saved my soul.)

For these people, it’s easy to see what their purpose is. All you have to do is turn on the television, listen to the radio, or visit a book store, or walk through the doors of their church. Their words, their thoughts, their ideas. and their purpose is right there laid out for us.

They are to lead thousands, maybe millions, directly to God. What a GREAT purpose.

God gave these people incredible gifts of speaking ability, or singing, or administration, or leadership. These people have the ability and purpose to cram the rafters in Heaven full of worshipers.

This is their purpose. I pray for them… the daily attack they face by the enemy must be unbelievable. Satan attacks people in direct proportion to what the spiritual gifts given to them by their Father. The stronger the impact they have to serve Christ, our Lord; the more pressure the devil puts on them every day. The more temptation; the more struggle; the more pressure. But, that’s a topic for another day.

Back to the purpose here.

So, for Weese, Graham, Vujicic, Grant, etc., they have clear and defined purpose, I think. But, here is thing. So do you. So do I. And this is the point of this writing. We have as much purpose as Billy Graham and Amy Grant and the others. We have as much purpose as Noah and Moses, for that matter.


We just do not always see it or know it. You see, as you have probably been told during your life in Sunday school or a small group study, or a “life group” at one time or another; “we only see the middle” of a situation. 

We can see the past of course, but really, the past was just the middle of another time. Right? Get me? 

Anyways, we only see the middle of any situation. Our day, our job, our problems, our fears, everything we see the middle. We see where we are at, right then, at any given moment. Sometimes we cannot see the end of our problems very easily. It’s like that “light at the end of the tunnel” thing. It’s very dark in that tunnel sometimes. 

  • We do not know how we are going to get through the day. 
  • We don’t know how we are going to get through another round of Chemotherapy. 
  • We do not know how we are going to make our car payment. 
  • We do not know how we are going to get off alcohol. 

 Sometimes it’s something smaller. We just don’t know how we are going to get through the day. Right?

We don’t know. We only see the middle of our problems, not the solution. Often we feel “un-empowered”. We can feel worthless. We can feel purposeless. We feel hopeless.

Do not feel hopeless. God sees the end of your woes.
Do not feel worthless. Do not feel purposeless.
You have a purpose. I have a purpose. So, we have worth, to God.


Here is the answer. Our purpose may be something so small that we over look it. CAUTION: Just because a purpose is small or in-direct; do not equate it to meaningless. Purpose is never meaningless.

Let me first define, “in-direct” purpose. Yah; The Osteen’s, Graham’s, Wees’s, Grant’s, and, Vujicic’s may have very public and recognizable purposes, but, ours are just as important. They just might not be as noticeable. 

Let me lay out one more idea, before I come back to this one. Kind of a circular conversation. We have go look at something else before I can come back and finish what I was saying. The topic is death and it is important to cover how death fits into this conversation.

God does not care about death. What is death to our Lord? Does God mourn us here on earth? Does He weep here? Does God mourn us in Heaven when we die? Nah. To God, death is just about “coming home”. He is standing their waiting to open the door, and our death here is His way of opening that door, so that he can welcome us home.

It does not matter if we are 2 years old, 20 years old, or 100 years old… when he is ready for us to come home, he simply calls us home, opens the door with a big smile on His face and says “Welcome home. I am happy you are here. I love you. Come on in.”

Now, we of course, are scared to death of dying. We fear pain. We fear even a smidgen of uncertainty. We mourn those that we lose. We cry and selfishly miss them and question why God took them from us. Quit that. They are partying their butts off in Heaven every time that doorbell rings.

Ok, so, the key here is that God does not care about death. We care about death. We worry about Death. We fear death. God does not.

Going back to the original “purpose” of this post; our purpose can be grand or our purpose can be small. We may not have been given the ability to speak in front of large audiences or to sing with an ability that brings tears to peoples eyes. Our purpose; mine, and even yours, could be very small, or so it might seem.

Consider the following three points; 

  • maybe your ONLY purpose was to give birth to a child, who in turn gives birth to a child, who in turn gives birth to a child, who, because of their gift, leads thousand’s to Christ. Hmm. Yep. God can work like that.
  • maybe your ONLY purpose was to be standing on the street corner one day, and with your arm stretched out, you prevented a man from mistakenly walking into traffic and being killed. Maybe that man was to later on in life, end Cancer for all of mankind and save millions of lives, OR, and in doing so, a child that would have had Leukemia, lived and went on to save thousand’s of souls. Hmm. Yep. God can work like that.
  • maybe your ONLY purpose in life was/is to speak to one friend, someone you know now; someone who struggles with hope, with faith, with un-empowerment. Maybe they had it, but their heart is just a bit “dry” of God. Maybe your whole purpose on this earth was to get this one friend back on track, with just one conversation, and afterwards, your friend goes on, in life, to sing God’s praises and save souls as a result.

Looks at the part’s of those sentences that were underlined. You gave birth to a child. You prevented some man or woman from walking into traffic. You had one conversation with a friend. Undoubtedly, at some point in life any one of those things could happen to you. Right?

Maybe that was your purpose. And by fulfilling that purpose, you served God successfully. We d o not all have to be Billy Graham to serve God. We do not have to be Amy Grant, to sing God’s praises.The point to this whole story is this. It’s not just the wonderful ministers and singers and writers that have purpose to serve God.

We all have purpose. The whole purpose for my life may have been nothing more than to write this article for you, and of the few that reads it, ONE of you find inspiration in the words, and you go from reading it, and influence someone in a positive way.

Who knows? Only God knows. This is what I know.


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