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Could We Provide You With a FREE Online Meeting/Event Hosting Service?


First, just so you know who were are; we are; a healthcare recruitment firm in the medical device and software development industries. Todd Oldfield, our founder has spent 20+ years in the recruitment industry placing technology, sales, clinical support professionals with hospitals, EHR, SaaS, and device organizations on a national level.

imeet laptopRecently we began beta testing a new meeting platform now use it as our online conference room. We use it to make presentations to potential clients, as well as, a video interviewing platform. The technology is working really well. We are not in the “sales” business for the service provider. Our offer is not being made in hopes that you will sign up for the tool yourselves, although, we do enjoy it (despite some bugs). We have no dog in that fight. We have no incentive from the company in any way.


Are you planning an event, presentation, or other meeting in the near future? Would it be helpful if we hosted the event for you? We can handle complete event branding, registration, etc. on your behalf. All you have to do is develop your presentation, and promote the event. This is an excellent opportunity for us as well, in that we believe that when you “pay it forward”, good things come back to you.

No cost. No… well, anything. We do not expect anything in return. All meeting information will be kept confidential; completely.


imeet3We would be happy to demonstrate our conference room for you; Features include “screen share”, audio communication, chat communication, webcams (if appropriate). All the normal stuff. Meeting participants can even connect through their Android or iPhone (although they cannot see your screens). The room size holds 1-125 participants (up to 15 on-cam at any time). it’s very cool.


Well, while we work in the healthcare industry as mentioned above, it does not really matter the purpose of your event. We would give preference to healthcare focused companies of course, but, as long as your meeting is legitimate, legal, and interesting, we would be happy to host the event for you.

Very appropriate would be…

  • Product Presentations
  • Industry Specific Presentations
  • CEU Classes
  • Online Confidential Candidate Interviews
  • Company Team Meeting
  • and, a ton of others that we are too feable to think of.  LOL


Since we are hosting your event, we would like to introduce you at the beginning of your meeting, and moderate the meeting on your behalf.


If you would be interested in exploring the idea, we will be happy to give you a demonstration of the room, the meeting registration process, etc.

All you need to do is to reach out to us. If interested, please drop us a line to

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