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Do You Need to Hire a LOT of People in 2014? Would it Excite You To Keep Your Recruiting Costs Below 8% When You Made a Bad Hire?



When it comes to recruiting budgets; the costs to making a good hire are bad enough by the time you factors in your entire recruiting budget for a year, including HR, interviewing costs, marketing costs, advertising costs, etc.

But, bad hire decisions make the whole thing just that much more of a bummer. To sink and invest money into the recruiting of an employee, to have them leave a short time later, and to find yourself right back at the drawing boars…. well, that just sucks.

And, working with 3rd party recruiters just makes it that much more difficult as most do not really stand behind their placements (and really, they should not need to. A good hire decision is always your responsibility, not theirs).

We have heard the concerns of clients and have responded with a new idea in recruitment.

Let’s all be on the same side of the table… and grow together

Having been a recruiter for more than twenty years, Todd Oldfield, our founder has found that there are four general topics of concern that most hiring managers have when considering a recruiting partner. These concerns generally fall into the following categories. Ask yourself always;

  • ABILITY TO DELIVER – Is a potential recruiting partner actually connected in my industry? Do they have a good reputation with their network?  Do they have the contacts I want to reach and the skills to actually deliver the candidates I want all the way through the process to a successful start? For information on our core competencies, go HERE! For a list of companies we have successfully served, go HERE!
  • COST FACTORS – What is the cost for the firm’s service? What services are included at those costs? What services cost extra? How much am I going to have to spend if I choose them?
  • TERMS – What kind of terms do they offer their clients?
  • GUARANTEES – What kind of guarantees do they offer my company on the people they recommend? How do they guarantee their work?

These are always the same concerns prospective clients have when we introduce our company to their company. The first concern has to do with ability. That one is tricky. You will have to decide for yourself as to if you believe we are connected to the kinds of people you wish to recruit. the latter three are only about cost and expense. Once you have come to the conclusion that we could help you, it becomes only a factor of “are we affordable?”

With the ever present desire to grow our business, we have thought long and hard about these issues and using the “best practices” we have seen in the recruiting industry, we have devised a new program, which we call “Our Partnering Plan”.


The idea is simple. We want to be on the same side of the table as our clients. We want our successful work to be rewarded, and if we fail, we want to be penalized. We want to offer our leadership team“partners” the best possible service rates, with the best guarantees, at the lowest costs possible, on the best terms. 

That is what Our Partnering Plan does. It’s not for everyone. It’s not suitable for all clients. The ideal client model for this plan, is that company that is experiencing TREMENDOUS GROWTH of personnel at all levels. The higher the salaries, the more the client saves. Ideally, we are looking for companies in our core niche; medical device companies, software development firms, and EHR/EMR firms. We reserve the right to approve or reject any company on this program.

Really, we are only seeking 2-3-4 companies that want to partner with us in this manner, at this time.


  • FIRST, you get our best service rates; fully 50-65 % LESS than the rates of other full service recruiting firms.
  • SECOND, recruiting fees are split into payments. If a placed employee does not work out, you are not obligated to remaining payments (this puts us on the same side of the table as you).
  • THIRD, we offer quick to fill, quick to bill, and quick pay discounts, lowering recruitment costs even lower.
  • FOURTH, we set maximum service fee caps. For high salaried positions above $125K, basically our fees cap out. 

That’s it. Simple. Lowest possible recruitment rates, payments split, discounts offered, with fee caps. Gotta love it.

In today’s economic climate, it makes since for us to do all we can to work with companies competitively; partner with them to assure their success, as well as ours.

We welcome inquiries about “Our Partnering Plan” from any company.

Forfurther information about Our “Partnering Plan”; including rates, terms, discounts, etc. go HERE!

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