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Made me Giggle…



Sorry. I know this is not an official tip… but, I thought it did a good job kinda summarizing how I feel sometimes. “Hi. I am Todd. I am a LinkedIn stalker.” The crowd responds, “Hi Todd.”

  • Yes. I am a little bit of a stalker.  LOL. ~ Consider it a compliment cause I must think you are talented.
  • Yes. I might have a beautiful, exotic, new workplace for you. ~Are they not all?  LOL


More than likely, I have the exact job you are doing now, somewhere else… for a small increase. That is how most people advance their careers…. small steps, taken over and over again, over 20-30 years. If a company offers you a 50-100% increase…. be wary. Something is wrong with that picture.  LOL

That’s all. If you are a clinical specialist or a medical device sales person…. and you are GOOOOOOOD!… I will be stalking you!  :) See our HotJOBS! list above for our beautiful, exotic, new workplaces for you!


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