Best Painters in the New York City. We paint and decorate your homes.

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Since launching 5 months ago, TEA has really seen a lot of interest. We have more than 200-300 new applicants registering on our site per month, traffic on the website has been consistently growing, and I think we have helped some people, help themselves. That’s my #1 hope in life. I would like to ask for your help though.

Please CLICK the “Like Us” Button on the Right.

If you know me; know us; know the site and our story; if you like the site, the content on it; would you please “LIKE US” in the Facebook box on the right. We are going to promote this simple request for 90 days at the end we would like to see “a whole lotta liking going on”, when we visit our site. 

Thank you bunches! We appreciate it a whole lot. Simply click the “Like” button in the box on the right and you will like our Facebook Page.



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