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Cut the Malarkey, Recruiters Take ALL the Risk…

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 By Todd Oldfield, Veteran Recruiter, Writer on topics of business, recruiting, spirituality.


I get tickled when hiring authorities beat me up when I am speaking to them the first time about doing business with their company. I mean, they put me through the ringer; they want to haggle rates, terms, guarantees, and make it sound like they are really taking some big risk by working with me. LOL



Where the heck is the risk on an employer’s side of the desk? 

A true, old school, professional contingent search recruiter takes 100% of the risk. The company risks nothing. We expend our time, energy, and resources to do ALL the work, betting that we will deliver a candidate that is exceptional. Exceptional enough to justify the fee we charge. And in the case of a new client, we are taking the risk of recommending a company to our contacts that might be a HORRIBLE place to work (of course, and experienced recruiter knows who sucks. LOL)

Where is the risk on the company side? Is it the 30 minutes they should spend with me to provide me with a thorough job order and position description? Is it the time the might spend looking at a resume I send them, or in interviewing a candidate that I have selected for them, that I know can do the job, because I know their company, industry, and position well?

Really, is it the little bit of time they spent compared to the 200-300 hours I might have spent looking for that golden nugget of a candidate? Lord, and the phone calls. Right? I once calculated the number of calls it takes to complete a placement for a client (including recruiting, client calls conducted from start to finish.) I found the number on average to be more than 400 calls.

We, TRUE, professional recruiters (not internet recruiters), do the work to justify the fees we charge. We have to, of course.

Recruiters risk their time, energy, efforts for weeks at a time, working on a position they may never get paid to fill. We take the risk.



Let me also say this…. no one can get a deal done like a professional recruiter. Lord, how many times do companies go the distance with the wrong candidate, and the deal falls apart in the 11th hour because their internal people missed something, and the candidate bailed?

Do you think a professional recruiter would EVER let that happen? Lord, no. By the 11th hour, we have SOOOOOOOOO much invested, that if we have to drive them to work their first day and hold their hands, we will do it. We get the deals done and the people begun!

For years we used to track our metrics really closely and I found that over a four year period, that in deals where we had access to the hiring manager, and that manager gave us a well-discussed requirement for a candidate, that in the cases of where I supplied them with one or more candidates for the position, I filled more than 87% of those positions.

What does this mean? This says that in 87% of those cases, one of my candidates BEGAN the position. They began, after accepting the job. They accepted after being offered the job. They were offered the job after the companies interviewed multiple candidates. They interview multiple candidates because they had vast resources; internal recruiting departments;;, multiple contingent search recruiters. They had it all.

And, yet, in 87% of the cases, it was my candidate that BEGAN the position. I am very proud of that statistic. Recruiters get the deals done and the people begun!

Todd Church portraitThat’s enough ranting today.

If you have comments, please feel free to leave them. I would love to hear them. You can also send me an email to or call me at the number on the top, right.

Todd is an old school recruiter, proficient in identifying and recruiting the hard to find, on a nationwide basis, in the healthcare and software industries.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Andy Kelly says:

    Hi Todd,

    Excellent Article!!

    You gave me some excellent advice a couple of years ago when I was with US Recruiting!

    Looking forward to networking with you again, Todd.

    Best Regards,
    Andy Kelly
    Executive Recruiter & Owner
    Kelly Consultants
    (888) 499-4643 Toll Free
    (954) 943-8110 Direct Line

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