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Conduct a “SECRET” Job Search!

These days, sometimes it is good to have a “PLAN B”. We just never know what is coming around the corner. Do we? We are not saying that you, or anyone should just leave their employer for no good reason; but what we ARE saying is that it is prudent ALWAYS to know if their are options out there for us, that might benefit our families in some way; right…. especially if the worst came to worst?

The BEST Option would be to conduct a “Secret” job search; or a “passive” job search where you could change your VISIBILITY status based upon your specific needs.

We understand DISCRETION at and are able to help.

When you register with us, you have the ability to change your STATUS at any time from “Active” to “Passive”, and the ability to post your resume, profile, etc with your contact information, or without.

If you need privacy, you have it through

Here’s how it works. When you register, you come to a question “Make visible on internet?”;

  • if you select “YES” - it means all your contact information, resume, etc., is viewable to our clients. This is the exact same classification you would have if you had posted your resume on a Monster, CareerBuilder, or other public resume site.

  • if you select “NO” - This is a very private status. Our clients will not even know you are on our site, but you will be able to view their openings, and make your own decision as to which to contact. Our talent advisers will also match you to positions we think you might be right for and interested in, and contact you, as well. 

Get registered TODAY! By the time we launch, we will have many, many clients looking for job-seekers. Let us help you with your job search and create a “plan B” for your family.

Be smart…. Shhhhh! Be quiet. Look, but, don’t be seen!  :)

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    I am looking for my next project

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