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Interviewing Tips – #1: Dress One Level Above Your Interviewer. No More.

Part of an ongoing series of interviewing tips to be presented over the next 100 days.

by Todd Oldfield, 22 Year Recruiting Veteran, 

When showing up for your interview, try to dress accordingly. The world is no longer a “suit” world. Many businesses operate in a “business casual” mode; part time, and many full time.
Do some research. Look at their website, their Facebook (especially). Find your interviewer on Facebook and try to gauge what kind of person they are. Look at their pictures. Anything from the office?  Try to figure out the type of attire that your interviewer will be wearing… and then go 1 notch higher.
If he/she is wearing a suit with the jacket off, you wear a suit with the jacket on. If they are wearing a sport coat, khakis, then you wear a suit (jacket off). Button down with no tie, then you wear a tie. If they are wearing a golf shirt, you wear Khakis and a sport coat (no tie).
Get it?
One notch above is all you need. You don’t want to walk too dressed up, into a facility where they wear jeans. Right? You would come off looking like you were trying to SELL THEM SOMETHING. Ironically, that is exactly what you are trying to do.  LOL 
You might also give the interviewer the idea that you were after their job… lol WORST part is that they clearly would see you as “not fitting into their work environment or cultural environment”. This is key. They want to always believe that their hires will fit into their work environment, which would make for a happy employee (employees, if you factor in the team.)

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