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Hire a Hero! We’re Committed!


Hiring veterans and military spouses for your company isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s the smart thing to do. These Americans have years of the best training and possess extraordinary skills. They show up early, leave late, know how to work in teams, how to manage people and materials, and they can adapt to ever-changing environments under demanding pressures.

That’s why the National Chamber Foundation and Capital One are teaming up to present “Hiring 500,000 Heroes”, a multi-year initiative to work with businesses to make commitments to hire 500,000 veterans and military spouses by the end of 2014.

TEA is committed to hiring 40 Vets and/or Spouses this year!  

We are committed to serving the Vets and their families.  Giving back to the ones that have sacrificed so much wasn’t a big thought or decision for us here at TeamEliteAdvantage. We have Vets right here on OUR TEAM!    

If you are a United States Veteran or Spouse, Please register with us and allow us the pleasure of taking your career to a new level!  We are Government and Private Sector Recruiting Experts!  

We salute you John Cloer and Ron Webb and all of our Hero’s everywhere!  

God Bless!  







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