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Interviewing Tip #8 – Never “Run Down” A Former Employer or Boss

Part of an ongoing series of interviewing tips to be presented over the next 100 days.

by Todd Oldfield, 22 Year Recruiting Veteran, 

“Always take the high road.”

This is especially true in the interview process. Never, and I mean NEVER, say anything disparaging about a former job, employer, boss, supervisor, co-worker, task, responsibility, or meal you had when interviewing for a new position.

Hiring authorities just do not want to hear it. When you start flapping your lip about how bad it was at your last employer, here is what they hear….

Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz.

The whole time you are speaking, here is what they are thinking,

Wow. This guy/gal is really bitter. Wow. This gal is trouble. I cannot believe it. I can only imagine what he/she will say about me when they quit.  I can only imagine what they will say about our company when they quit. Way too bitter.
How can I get them out of my office without being shot?

Bottom line is THEY DO NOT CARE about how bad you were mistreated at your former employer and the fact is, no matter the circumstances, they will always believe there is more than one side to a story.

Guys, just do not do it. It’s a mistake. These people (Interviewers) are not your friends.

That includes me, too… the last thing you want to do is to tell these kinds of miserable stories to your recruiter (who is in contact with dozens of potential employers in your industry on a daily basis.) Doing so will cause you to end up with a big red “X” next to your name and now you will have alienated one person that could really potentially assist you.


There you go. Any personal experience on this topic?


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