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Epic Consultants

Are you a EPIC “Go Live” Expert Consultant?

If so, we are adding 100′s of positions with several companies that we have selected to work with because of their focus, commitment to excellence.

If you are a ROAD WARRIOR looking for your next short-term assignment or long-term home, come talk to us. We want to help. And always remember, REGISTERING with gives you PRIVACY. You can flip your profile ON or OFF with two clicks. If you go public, our clients can see your profile; if you remain private, only our internal Talent Advisors will know. Either is fine. It’s up to you.

Register HERE using our “3 Click Submit” extraction tool that actually reads your resume and does the registration for you. Once registered, you can search through current openings.

Our Clients Offer;

  • Family Commitment & Environment - Even when you are on the road, it’s nice to remain connected to the people in your life. All our clients are committed to this mission and concept; great people – great connections – great big family.
  • Competitive Compensation - Our clients offer exceptional compensation. 99% of our positions, are with the client. Very few work for us. These companies we represent are Certified Cerner Experts. They are everywhere! 
  • Want to Learn More - Frequently, through these companies you can pick up additional experience, training, certifications. GROW your career! GROW your worth! GROW your income. These organizations frequently have excellent reimbursement programs for industry training and personal development.

Get Registered HERE.


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