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DISCOVERY – All About You

  • We conduct thorough job order calls. We are not the people that will spend 5-10 mins with you on the phone and think they can deliver exactly the right person for your position. We take time to know your company, your culture, your management team, the job, the expectations, the needs. 
  • We want to be able to answer nearly every question that might come up in one call, so we do not need to bug you over and over during the search process.
  • We discuss expectations with you; your expectations of us and our expectations of you. We discuss strategy. 

SEARCH –  No Magic Database…

  • Our recruiters get to work. On average a recruiter has to make more than 400 calls for each placement they complete. We may interview 10 or we may interview 100 candidates to find the 2-3 “best fits”. It’s a lot of work.
  • We will market on job boards for the “active” candidates, but mostly, we will contact people we know are not looking at this time.

SCREEN – We Do Not Guess…

  • We will take all that we know about your industry, then look at what you tell us you want by way of skills and personality fit… and week our contact list down from 100′s or even 1,000′s to 2-3 “best fits”.  For skills Match, We Skill-Check.
  • For Personality Match, We Reference Check – Nobody reference checks like we do. On each candidate presented, we conduct at least 5-9 reference checks. And our reference checks are not “brother in laws” and “maid of honors”. Our system is as thorough as anyone on the planet. We will discuss this more with you when we speak with you.

PRESENT -All The Facts…

  • When we present our “best fits”, we will include all documentation that is complete at that time, possibly including; resumes, Skill Check test results, completed reference checks, etc. More than enough to get you started. As things progress, we will complete the research. 

COORDINATE -All The Details…

  • Phone interviews (PI), Face-to-Face Interviews (F2F) take some coordination. Everyone has hectic schedules these days. We make it all as easy as possible for you and for our “best fits”.
  • When it is time to offer one the job and let other’s down; we handle it all. AND, we nearly ALWAYS have offers accepted. If we accept an offer from you to present to one of our candidates, you can rest assured, it’s a done deal.

TRANSITION – Through Start

  • We see to it that our candidates being your positions on time, as planned.