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Welcome to!

We are happy you are here. Our company expends a great deal of energy looking for talented people. You may be here due to any one of the following reasons;

  • You may have either been laid off recently, or know a lay off is coming, and are wanting to “look around” in anticipation of that.
  • One of our researchers may have found your posted resume on some website somewhere and felt you might be the kind of professional we know we can help, OR,
  • you may have responded to an ad we posted somewhere, OR,
  • a friend may have referred you.

Regardless of how we connected up, we are happy you are here. You can register with TEA on the top right of our site. Simply click the “Resume Register” button. it’s very easy to upload your resume.

While we primarily work with healthcare professionals, we offer our services to anyone that needs them. Most of our work is tied to the recruiting process, or employment. We want to get you reemployed as fast as you can.


Other interesting pages to check out which are tied to our recruitment business include;

  • OUR INTERVIEWING PROCESS - We have a comprehensive interview process, BUT, you will be glad to know that very quickly we can determine if you are right for a particular position or not. The rest of the process helps us assess and verify your abilities, interest, and background as it pertains to our client’s needs. THE BENEFIT to you is that our process will not waste your time and the further you get, the more “doors” will be opened to you.

    In some cases, we may be looking for someone exactly like you, for one of our clients and can work with you directly. In other cases, it may be that we have no position that is right for you, BUT, there are plenty of other things we can do to add value to your job search process. We will help you in any way possible.

  • OUR SPECIALTIES OF PRACTICE - We work with all sorts of professionals; accountants, sales people, general laborers, web developers, and legal secretaries. Most of our clients are healthcare related firms, law firms, software development companies, and manufacturing facilities. Regardless of our specialties, we tend to work in almost every industry, for which, there is demand for talented people.

Important Information About Registering with TEA & Our Current Openings (“HOTJOBS!)

VERY IMPORTANT: When you register you will be asked “Make Visible on Internet?” Here we are asking you if you would like your profile to be made visible to our corporate clients as they conduct their own searches through our database for job-seekers. Anytime you are actively looking for a new position or even passively looking, it might be a good idea to make your account visible here. Then when you find a position, switch off the “visibility”.

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  • INSURANCE & ROLLOVERS – Our people are licensed insurance agents and can offer you very customized solutions to your retirement planning goals. Many times, when someone is laid off, they have 401(k) dollars that they need to rollover into other tax advantaged retirement plans. We represent more than 60 of the top insurance carriers in the nation and have access to all sorts of great options.