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STEP 1 – Candidate Record is Created

 GOAL is to have a consistent input method resulting in 100% of the records having resumes, and “Unverified Status”.

STEP 2 – Daily, All “U” Records Receive “Initial Candidate Letter”

We want them to receive the Initial Candidate Letter daily until they complete their Initial Candidate Profile (They can “unsubscribe” by telling us in the profile that they have found a new position). As soon as they have submitted the “Initial Candidate Profile” their status is changed to “C” (Candidate). We have now confirmed their phone number, email address, and availability.

NOTE: In the profile, can we ask if they are still looking for a job, and if answer is NO (checkbox), upon submit, status is “Not Available”? At this point, they are done.

By This Point, we have 100% of people coming into the database as labeled as either “NA” or “C”. If they are labeled as a “C” for candidate, then they will show up on the Sourcers list. This is the first time the SOURCERS will have seen or touched them since finding them originally.

STEP 3 – Coding “Candidates” to a Rollup List

This would be done manually by our Sourcer. He/She would code them to their “rollup” list and link them to the position for which they would sourced.

This would now be the first time a recruiter saw them.

STEP 4 – Recruiter Makes Decision to Proceed or “Out of Process” & Follow-up Letter is Generated

The recruiter looks at the candidate and determines if they are to advance or out of process. In the case that the recruiter liked the candidate and decides to interview the candidate (by placing their name into the PRESENTATION section of the PIPELINE, the candidate would receive the appropriate PROFILE to complete with the appropriate form letter, asking them to complete, or return the recruiters call.

If the recruiter decided to place them in “Out of Process”, the candidate should receive a nice letter introducing the recruiter and indicating that for this position, they were not right, but that we would look for something else.

This time, the profile will come from the recruiter so when it is returned, it will be returned to the recruiter’s email address.