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TeamEliteAdvantage Employment Services, LLC (or “TEA” or “”) is a Kentucky-based, Limited Liability Corporation headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. We are a network of strategic partners, industry experienced, working together to serve healthcare industry clients on a national level in the United States, in a variety of capacities. 


A “search” firm is a company engaged in the recruitment of skilled, experienced, talented individuals for specific, hard to fill positions for the firm’s clients. “Search” firms work for their clients (whom are companies, not people) and are paid by their clients for their services. “Job-seekers” do not pay for “search” firm’s services.  

With some clients, “search” firms work on a “Retained Basis”, receiving compensation during the course of the search performed and with other clients a “search” firm might work on a “Contingency Basis”, meaning that they are only compensated should they produce the best candidate, first (usually competing with other “search”  firms in the process). Lastly, in other client  relationships a “search” firm might be focused on helping a client staff a short term project or team, or grow the client’s temporary workforce.

Whichever type of client relationship, the “search” firm has with their client, the candidate pool they typically work with is the passive, inactive “job seeker”, not usually the people with their resumes posted on Monster, Careerbuilder, etc. The type of client relation is ALWAYS tied to a client’s specific needs, timetables, objectives, and abilities.

Whatever a client needs, we have a solution. How we work together is less important than the fact that we DO work together. uses a “marriage” of various industry platforms; a perfect combination that creates a SUPER-PLATFORM to ensure that THREE things occur for our clients, our job-seekers, and TEA(M);

ONE – Our valued clients’ needs are met to their complete satisfaction at a lower cost than they might expect. Across the board; our use of technology and our abilities give us the ability to be a cost effective resource for your company.

TWO – Our Job-seekers are provided better service with more consistent communication than they might find in dealing with other recruitment firms (nothing is more important to us than our reputation with job-seekers), AND, if we can’t help them, we will help them help themselves.

THREE – Our valued TEA(M) has the ability, the training, and the opportunity to accomplish everything they desire in this industry, in a simpler, more-flexible manner than they could have dreamed possible. 

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Happy Hiring Authorities Go HereFOR HIRING AUTHORITIES - If you are a hiring authority and would like to learn more about the work we do, our rates, and our menu of services, click HERE. We have a different way of looking at the industry and we are sure you can appreciate the ways in which we are different. 


FOR JOB-SEEKERS – If you are a job-seeker, click HERE. Whether we help you today, tomorrow, next month, or later in your life, we look at each job-seeker as an ongoing relationship, and are here to help you any way in which we can.