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Don’t get Caught Standing When the Music Stops! SOME EHR/EMR Consulting Jobs Will Disappear Down The Road.

How are EHR/EMR Jobs like “Musical Chairs”? It’s Simple; in Either Case, Don’t Get Caught Standing Without a Chair.

Remember musical chairs? Loved it. Once, I became such a glutton playing musical chairs at a school fair. You see, I was goooooooooooood… and first prize for each round was a homemade cake. I must have won like 5-7-10 of them.  LOL

If you remember the game, you begin with 10 people, and 9 folding chairs. The 10 game players walk around the chairs while music is playing and when the music stops, you have to take a seat as quick as you can, leaving one person standing, who is out of the game. A chair is removed, and the game continues until everyone is eliminated, but one; the winner of the game.

How does this game translate into our work and lives?

Well, let me just hit you between the eyes; one day (not for a couple of years more than likely), the music is going to stop on the EHR/EMR consultants, and there are going to be some left without a chair to sit in. Get it?

Never forget what it means to be a “consultant”.

Being a “consultant” means you are taking the risk; not the employer. It means you have a temporary job; temporary employment without any promise of long term employment. Right? This is the reason you are paid more, per hour. A company does not have to make any long term plans to keep you employed; no benefits, not cost of employee ownership. Add that to the fact that the work you are doing, they need badly done, well they are willing to pay you a fortune to get it done. 

Imagine you are making $50/hour or $75/hour as an EPIC consultant. The consultancy that represents you is probably billing the client $100-$150 for each hour you work and on top of that, the client hospital system is paying $1,000′s in travel expenses for you, maybe each week. This is a very expensive proposition for the client.

Right now, due to the shortage of trainers, they have to do it. They have to pay this amounts. But what happens when 75%-85% of the hospitals have completed their MU projects (instead of the roughly 1/2 of them that have as of now)? The “project” job market is going to dry up. The number of consultants needed is going to shrink.

HERE IS MY PROGNOSTICATION; Give it 3 years, when the majority of hospitals have completed their Meaningful Use implementations (even though some will go though 2-3 big EHR/EMR implementations because they mucked up their earlier attempts with poor planning, poor implementations, without the “buy in” from their people), you will see the “consultant jobs” all dry up. There will be some of course, but like 1 in 5 or 1 in 10 of what you see now.

Don’t be caught standing without a chair.

Right now you are ok. There are jobs (although not as many as you think there are being that the top 50 consultancies are all advertising for the same jobs with the same hospitals.)

But, in about a year or 18 months tops, you need to be looking for a long-term position. You need to find a system, a hospital, a community to settle down in. A place to go after the bubble bursts. It’s coming. The only thing that can drag it out further, is more hospitals failing in their EHR/EMR implementations. Get it? When they decide to re-implement a new solution, the cycle begins over for them and they are back in the pond for another 12-18 months. 

Whatever happens, it’s going to be interesting. The music is playing.

Let us know what is going on with you? With your system? How’s the job market look for you right now? Sharing is caring. Share this with a friend.


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