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“I invite you to get as connected as you can with me, my friends, and my team. We only want to help you advance your career in the coming years. Below are “6 Ways to Connect”. If you prefer LinkedIn, then connect through LinkedIn. If you prefer Facebook, connect through Facebook. It’s up to you, but get connected.”

~ Todd Oldfield, Founder




  • Connect with Todd Oldfield on I check my LinkedIn throughout the day. Feel free to send me a message there anytime you like.


  • ADD Todd Oldfield as a friend on Facebook. If you want to get to know me on a more personal level, add me as a friend there. 

  • “LIKE US” on Facebook. Like there if you prefer. This way you can stay connected without having to drop by our site.

  • REGISTER on if you are a Prospective “Job-Seeker“, OR, a “Hiring Authority“. This is actually the most important thing to do to get connected with our team. Whether you are seeking a position or hiring people, you need to get registered first and foremost.


  • My cell is (859) 533-5195