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Did You Know That APRIL is the Biggest CD Rollover Month? What Kind of Rates Are You Being Offered?

CD month3It’s true. Does that not suck? Interest rates are just horrible right now… and not projected to improve. How can they? The economy is still in the toilet.

So, interest rates are horrible. What do we do? For some of us, we live on our interest. For the baby-boomers, this is it… the last Hoorah! We just simply have to save the most we can right now.

Click HERE to check the interest rates in your own area.

Did you know that single premium, fixed rate annuities can offer you safety, security, a guaranteed rate of interest with NO chance of ever losing your money?

And that currently, rates on 5 year annuities are running 3 times that of certificates of deposits (most, at least).


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  1. Dana says:

    I just checked. Yep. They are really bad in Lexington.

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