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Are you thinking OUTSIDE OF THE BOX?

Are you thinking OUTSIDE OF THE BOX? 

I’ve been in the staffing industry for more than 16 years starting out as a Branch Manager sweating my way to Vice President of several agencies with focus on per diem placement, travel nursing and direct hire to FINALLY find a full service firm I call home in this sometimes CRAZY ever-changing industry.  I laugh often thinking back to all the years I spent as a ‘ROAD WARRIOR’ and those 80 hour work weeks. I can contribute all my successes to all my failures. I’ve seen it all, made every error and cleaned up plenty of messes! Back in the day, we ALL walked around with fragile, bigger than life ego’s and a cut throat mentality. My how things change! 

Today, I spend my time and focus my energy working beside Todd Oldfield, a pioneer in this industry mentoring a team of oldies but goodies and some newbies. We are taking our dynamic team BACK to the basics of our industry while we lead them into the future with the most advanced cutting edge technology

If you’ve weathered the storm and made it to the comeback stage we’re in now in this industry, and still have a passion for we do, we’d like to meet you, 

Aligning TeamEliteAdvantage Employment Services with strategic partners was the wisest decision Todd made as he was forming this firm.  There isn’t much we can’t staff or a position that can’t be filled. Clients want full service and less confusion, together we give them just that! 

Job Seekers want REALITY verses virtual connections and automated responses.  

Recruiters want a real cut of the money with real corporate support. 

Other Firms want a partner relationship that is honest and fair. 

I got a message on Linked-In today from an old friend I worked beside in the past, he asked me about franchising or investing with us. He was impressed and wanted to hear about how he might partner with us in some way. 

My reply: 

It’s an investment worth making! Wanting to make my last career move, I know making the investment for me was the right decision.  You certainly won’t want to pass this opportunity up!

 We are a “Search FIRM” offering every kind of staffing relationship imaginable for the Patient Care, Disease Management, and EHR/EMR Industries. We’re already a registered supplier to most government entities. We’ve aligned ourselves with awesome strategic partners too so we can meet the needs pouring in.  I guess you read all or most of that already and want to learn more.

I’d like to, with the blessings of my friend Todd Oldfield extend this offer to you to join us. It’s nice be a part of a firm that values opinions and respects your experience and expertise. Great news.. the software is incredible, I’ve never seen anything like it! OMG… we don’t have to handle the back end nightmares associated with this industry either! Need I say more? 

 Oh yes, the Investment??? YOUR TIME AND TALENT 




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