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  • Are you in a job search?
  • How’s your resume? Your LinkedIn profile?
  • Are you getting interviews?

In the spirit of “pay it forward”, join Todd Oldfield, Founder & Veteran Executive Recruiter will host a very information webcast where he will spend 15-2 0 minutes reviewing your paperwork; your LinkedIn profile, your resume, etc.

Todd has been successfully placing talented executives in positions for more than 20 years. Many today would tell you that Todd added some value in their career search either through his tips and suggestions.

“We cannot work with 99.9% of the candidates we meet… 
but does that mean that we should not help them, help themselves?” 

The meeting is free. The advice is free. All that we ask is that you invite a friend. The meeting will run from Noon until 2PM EST. Very simple, unscripted format. No agenda. No one is here to sell you anything.

 To attend, register by clicking the button below. Again, this is a FREE event, being held just to “pay it forward”. Please do the same.

See you there.

To register, follow the link below. Limited seating is available.!event/2014/3/15/free-resume-review-open-meeting

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